Streets Parks and Places

The Picture

  • Half of primary kids watch TV for more than 2 hours per day
  • Less than half of kids bike, skate, scoot or walk to school
  • Adults aren’t active enough too - half of Aucklanders are not getting the recommended amount of weekly physical activity
  • Our neighbourhoods are car-oriented places - this is getting better but more needs to happen
  • Physical inactivity costs Auckland $402m per year
  • While most children get off to a good start, there is a drop-off in physical activity during young adulthood.


The Plan

  • Advocate for transport spending on integrated networks for cycling, walking and public transport
  • Promote the Active Design manual to guide planning around buildings, streets, parks and open spaces
  • Encourage walkability in neighbourhoods, with improved street design such as Future Streets in Mangere Central
  • Improve safety perceptions of green spaces and community venues by removing graffiti and improving lighting.
  • Develop guidelines for sport and recreation facilities and playgrounds in greenfield and intensification projects.

Success in reducing obesity requires as many interventions as possible by a range of private and public sectors.