The Picture

  • Auckland has 2,200 medium to large workplaces
  • A third of adults' time is spent at work
  • Only 20 percent of jobs now require moderate physical activity, the rest are sedentary or require only light activity
  • This decline in calorie expenditure at work matches the rise in obesity (together with other diet and lifestyle changes)
  • Technology such as computers and email means we are moving even less during a working day.


The Plan

  • Showcasing work wellness programmes
  • Support active transport to work – provide showers, secure bike parking and lockers
  • Implement healthy workplaces – so employees are more productive workers
  • Use active design principles in the office – promote stairs, standing desks, face to face communication, distance to the printer.

Success in reducing obesity requires as many interventions as possible by a range of private and public sectors.