Collaboration and Leadership

The Picture


  • Many sectors already contribute to better health, for instance food manufacturers’ reconstitution of food, and transport planners promoting active travel. However significant gaps still exist.
  • There is widespread support for restrictions on advertising to children yet there is currently only restrictions during children’s programming and a voluntary code
  • Our research found hundreds of initiatives in Auckland that contribute to preventing obesity through nutrition or physical activity, but which are often small scale or localised
  • Twenty six members of the Healthy Auckland Together coalition will be working on 65 projects together.


The Plan


  • Coalition partners to work together on submissions for local and national government, and to develop and promote joint initiatives
  • Build relationships with key influencers from a wide variety of sectors including those in urban planning, transport, business, education, recreation and the food industry
  • Consider health and wellbeing as an imperative in all public policy development
  • Partner with Healthy Families NZ to support the uptake of its local initiatives into the wider Auckland region. 


Success in reducing obesity requires as many interventions as possible by a range of private and public sectors.